GayeLouise O’Brien has devoted her life to the art and science of learning. Cutting her teeth as a fresh faced teacher a few moons ago, she went on to build a solid career of over 25 years leading education initiatives. Her teaching work has stretched from helping struggling learners, simplifying issues for frustrated parents, and advising educators across the whole spectrum of educational learning. GayeLouise’s wisdom is well grounded in academic insights and has been seasoned by many discoveries in the field.

These days she is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Educator, NLP Trainer, and Coach.  She has shared her insights with the likes of: New Living Magazine, Today’s Parent USA, National Consumer, Eastern New Mexico University, The Maggie Linton Show, Naturally Savvy Radio, Corporate Talk with Charlie & Eva, Its Your Health Network, body & More Magazine, Parents, and in Australia with ABC Capricornia, Radio