Through NLP Essentials for Teachers you’ll discover how to teach and lead with a vitality that ‘cuts through’ and causes learning to ‘stick’. Unlike many self help books out there today, Gaye O’Brien’s teachings are based on grounded success principles and practical insights (the fluff has been avoided).  The book uncovers the exact methods Gaye herself uses and shares with clients.

NLP Essentials for Teachers is a handy pocket-sized guidebook for easy reference – it is laid out in a pleasing format with good graphics and information.

NLP Essentials for Teachers is suitable for people from all walks of life, all ages, and occupations. It will have an immediate impact on the way you lead and teach. The improvements you seek are just a breath away, and, a few changes in your delivery will bring them to you.  You will add more ‘grit’ to your leadership, manage ‘knock backs’ better and develop strategies to unlock hidden knowledge in those you nurture.

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